Artist Statement: Alignments

For me, painting is an act of slow resistance to a hyperactive world. I construct images for that narrow delay between sight and perception – a territory between looking and seeing – where color and texture are in the service of gestures that alternately serve as subject and verb.

I employ humble organizing lines to weave color, divide space, and suggest densities of shadow, light, movement, weight, gravity, atmosphere, and other aspects of our natural world. Incremental marks are applied individually by dipping pieces of wood into pigment and stamping surfaces in repeated gestures to imply brush strokes. Through this gesture, I appeal to the eye’s saccadic movements to detect and read patterns by creating disruptions or breaks within accumulated marks that may not easily reconcile as form.

My paintings represent a visual conversation between fragmentation, compression, and alignment within a shallow illusionistic space. My intent is to un-focus the viewer’s eye and keep it in a constant mode of vibration — to induce a semi-meditative state and the synesthetic experience of a feeling gaze upon tactile paintings.