Artist Statement: Thought Clouds

“These images begin to share a realm of thought that is consistent with the way I experience everyday life — as something full of both wonder and dread…”
— Marcus Cain

Solid vs. liquid
We all collect and exert a certain amount of energy as we grow throughout our lives, and this amount is gradually expressed and dissipates as we give it back to the world around us. It’s as if we are all drawing in and exhaling the same massive swirl of particles, exchanging in an infinite ebb and flow. In my latest work, I am interested in depicting figures as portraits of that energy as I try to capture something that isn’t necessarily seen, whether it’s a spirit, a soul, or some sense of being – that chemical energy that both occupies and surrounds us, and propels us forward.

These paintings are part of an ongoing series of semi-abstract works that draw on the form of an iconic portrait head to explore a threshold of mindfulness (with thought landing somewhere between a solid consciousness and liquid subconscious). I am currently interested in a particulate view of the human condition, acts of transformation, and shifting identities. By using a painterly and pointillist process of stippling and dripping, I allow form to merge with atmosphere. My hope is to capture the figure in a transformative, in-between state. Although this figure may vary slightly from painting to painting, they each converge or dissipate from origins represented by interior portals or eyes – eyes that assume a kind of energy or life force that either emanates outward or collapses inward not unlike the stars in our universe.